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I. the polyomavirus working group


The 2009 Banff "Polyomavirus Nephropathy Working Group" conducted a survey to test the inter-reproducibility of their proposed staging system for Polyomavirus Nephropathy.  The staging system, 20 representative self-study cases with virtual slides as well as the correct answers to the survey questions are available by clicking here


Dr. Nickeleit presented preliminary findings from the survey and the working group's corresponding clinico-pathologic study at the 2011 Banff Conference on Allograft Pathology.  You can access a video of that presentation by clicking here

II. Diagnosing Tubulointerstitial and Vascular Diseases of the Kidney: An ALgorithmic Approach Utilizing Virtual Microscopy

Educational material presented as a short course at the "United States & Canadian Academy of Pathology" meetings in 2008-2011.

III. Clinico-pathologic correlation conference, asn 2010, denver, co

"the unsurpassed power of renal biopsy"

An in-depth presentation of five challenging cases by renowned nephropathologists from various centers. Clicking on each case will open a PDF Portfolio that includes the Case History, Slides and the Syllabus and Answers

A) Case 1

B) Case 2

C) Case 3

D) Case 4

E) Case 5

IV. MIni symposia from the glomerular disease collaborative network (GDCN) 2010 Meeting:

may 15-16, 2010

A) Lupus Nephritis

B) IgA Nephropathy


D) ANCA Vasculitis

E) Treatment of Plasma Cell Dyscrasias

F) Membranous Nephropathy

v. Nephropathology Tutorial

VI. Vascular Pathology—"From Vasculitis to Vasculopathy to Vascular Rejection"

Educational material presented as a short course at the "United States & Canadian Academy of Pathology" meetings in 2004-2007. The presentation highlights selected vascular lesions frequently encountered by (nephro)pathologists. Key morphologic aspects pertinent for the diagnostic decision making process are discussed.

A) Vasculitis
B) Vasculopathy
C) Vascular Rejection

vIi. Kidney Transplant Pathology

Educational Material presented as a short course at the “United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology” annual meetings from 2006-2009. The presentation highlights selected lesions frequently encountered by (nephro)pathologists evaluating renal transplant biopsies. Key morphological aspects pertinent to the diagnostic decision making process are presented in detail.

Click on one of the linked titles to open a PDF file.

Double Incubation
Leaders in Nephropathology




Easy specimen shipment to UNC with our free biopsy kits

• Free mailing kits that contain preservatives and fixatives are provided in groups of 4. To request kits, please contact us at 919-966-2421.

• Kits are bundled with a copy of our detailed memorandum, material safety data sheets, a referral form for both native and transplant biopsies (2 separate forms), and pre-printed FedEx shipping labels for free return shipment to UNC.