Director, UNC Division of Nephropathology; Professor of Pathology; (Dr. med. habil., Privatdozent)

Dr. Nickeleit is an internationally recognized expert in kidney pathology with a special interest in transplant kidney diseases. He is subspecialty trained in nephropathology and transplant pathology at the Massachussetts General Hospital (MGH)/Harvard Medical School in Boston and the University of Basel, Switzerland and has over 20 years of experience. Dr. Nickeleit joined UNC in 2001. He served as an elected councilor of the Renal Pathology Society and is also a past President of the Society.

In 2018, the Renal Pathology Society awarded Dr. Nickeleit the Jacob Churg Award for major contributions to the field of nephropathology


Associate Director, UNC Division of Nephropathology; Director, Electron Microscopy Services, UNC Hospitals; Professor of Pathology

Dr. Singh has internationally recognized expertise in nephropathology and electron microscopy. She received her subspecialty training under Dr. Jennette at UNC. She subsequently served as the Director of Nephropathology Services at ECU School of Medicine for 8 years before joining UNC in 2001. Dr. Singh is the recipient of several teaching awards. She served as the elected Secretary of the Renal Pathology Society for 5 years. She is the co-Chair of the Banff Society of Transplant Pathology Working Group on Electron Microscopy.


Executive Director, UNC Division of Nephropathology;  Professor of Pathology.

The UNC Division of Nephropathology was established in 1978 under the leadership of Dr. Jennette, a pioneer and in Nephropathology. He served for many years as Secretary-Treasurer and elected councilor of the Renal Pathology Society and is also a past president of the society. Dr. Jennette is the recipient of the prestigious Jacob Churg Award and the Renal Pathology Lifetime Achievement Award.