Nephropathology Faculty






The UNC Division of Nephropathology offers:

• Expert evaluations of native and transplant kidney biopsies from the United States and abroad.
• State-of-the art diagnostic work-up.
• In-depth diagnoses from three renowned leaders in the field: V Nickeleit MD, HK Singh MD,
  and JC Jennette MD.
• The strength of a world class academic center.
Leaders in Nephropathology





• Established in 1978, the UNC Division of Nephropathology has performed over 25,000 renal biopsy evaluations.

• The UNC Division of Nephropathology has led initiatives in defining various diseases such as Vasculitides, Polyomavirus Nephropathy, and C4d staining.

• Over the years, our division has formally trained over 30 fellows from around the world in kidney pathology.

• All faculty have been long term members of the UNC Division of Nephropathology and the UNC Kidney Center.



• We are one of the leading specialized centers worldwide that provide expert diagnostic evaluation of native and transplant kidney biopsy specimens obtained in the United States and abroad.

• Three specialty trained and renowned nephropathologists, V. Nickeleit, H.K. Singh, and J. C. Jennette are the medical faculty of the laboratory that evaluates more than 1800 renal biopsy specimens annually.

• Our extensive experience has provided the foundation for contributions to major textbooks in Nephropathology and Transplantation leading to advancements in knowledge and improving diagnostic standards in the field worldwide.

Pathology of the Kidney Textbook• J.Charles Jennette, MD is one of the editors of the classic textbook in Nephropathology, Heptinstall’s Pathology of the Kidney.

• All faculty of the UNC Division of Nephropathology are heavily involved in formal teaching of both native and transplant kidney diseases at national and international meetings including the American Society of Nephrology, the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology, the International Society of Nephrology, the Columbia annual post-graduate review course, and the Nephropathology Course Volhard-Fahr in Mannheim, Germany.

• The UNC Nephropathology faculty holds elected offices in the Renal Pathology Society (RPS), the largest professional organization of nephropathologists worldwide. Dr. Nickeleit is an elected councillor and upcoming President of the society in 2013. Dr. Singh is the elected Vice Secretary and will be Secretary of the society starting in 2011. Dr. Jennette is a past president and secretary-treasurer of the society.



• For over two decades, the UNC Nephropathology faculty has been committed to provide our clients with:

Personalized service: From the time of receipt of a biopsy specimen to years after our initial evaluation, our faculty remain available for consultation and re-evaulation of specimens.

– One of the most comprehensive biopsy workups provided anywhere.

A team approach: Consensus diagnostic decision-making of all biopsy specimens and in depth clinical consultations regarding patient management and treatment regimens are available from the UNC Kidney Center.


Free specimen shipment to UNC with our biopsy kits and prepaid FedEx labels

• Free mailing kits that contain preservatives and fixatives are provided in groups of 4. To request kits, please contact us at 919-966-2421.

• Kits are bundled with a copy of our detailed memorandum, material safety data sheets, a referral form for both native and transplant biopsies (2 separate forms), and pre-printed FedEx shipping labels for free return shipment to UNC.